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5 Proven Marketing Strategies for PPC Campaigns. A Perspective From XARI Agency

5 Proven Marketing Strategies for PPC Campaigns. A Perspective From XARI Agency

The performance of your marketing is reflected in many aspects, and PPC (pay per click) is one of the most used advertising campaigns in Google. Most companies focus on PPC Google Ads Campaigns, but as good as this campaign is, the more it needs to be optimized.

It is necessary to test and implement strategies continuously, especially since Google Ads is a platform that improves and comes with new tools constantly. In short, you need to keep up with all the news.

The right PPC strategy must take into account the nature of your business and its goals. However, there are some tips & tricks that can help you improve the results of advertising campaigns, regardless of the type of business.

1. Use the Promotion Extension from Google Ads

The promotions extension provides additional visibility to your PPC ad, as it allows users to discover the ideal offer they are looking for. This strategy is very effective because the promotion you offer reaches the target audience in a short time.

According to Google, ad extensions have the ability to increase CTR by up to 15%. So, don’t neglect their importance.

2. Adjust Your Bids for the Locations Where Your Target Audience Is

Keep in mind that it’s not just about visitors, it’s about the right visitors who are interested in the product/service you offer.

Let’s imagine that your website attracts about ten thousand visitors in a week, but only fifty of them convert into customers. This shows that something is wrong with your audience targeting, so it needs optimization.

The right location bidding strategy ensures that the invested budget gets maximum results.

3. Add Negative Keywords

Whether you’re an expert at using Google Ads or a beginner, you’ve surely heard about the use of negative keywords in your ad campaigns. Well, they undoubtedly play a major role in increasing the ROI of your ads. However, most marketers ignore this technique and fall victim to a failed Google Ads strategy.

4. Add & Track Call Extension

The call extension makes it easy for customers as it allows them to contact you immediately after seeing your ads. Including call extensions in your ads can have a positive impact on click-through rates, as the additional information that is displayed with the ad provides customers with additional information about your business.

5. Add Dynamic Keyword (Dynamic Keywords) To Your PPC Campaign

Adding dynamic keywords is an outstanding strategy that dynamically updates your online ad text by adding the most exact keyword in the term your potential customers are searching for.

PPC campaigns are undoubtedly the backbone of digital marketing, but the strategy used to drive results from these campaigns is constantly changing.

Some strategies are great for a certain business, but for other businesses, they are not so effective. So, it really depends on the strategy that suits your business well.

The best way to explore this is to test multiple strategies and track results to discover what works best for your business.

Do you have an interesting Digital Project you would like to start building? Reach out to us, tell us about your project & let’s build it together!

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