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Website Programming to Tell Your Story

Nowadays, it’s unheard of to claim your business exists on the internet without having a website that users can access for more information. Not only does a website make you more visible to search engines, but it also gives you a high level of credibility. The more users enjoy your website, the more they are tempted to reach out for the services you’re offering.

You can think of developers as the magicians who turn your vision into reality. This is not an exaggeration, because all the websites you see on a daily basis on the internet started as a simple string of code. It’s through the collaborative effort between developers, designers and other talented people we have the pleasure of working with that we can deliver a finished product that will set your website aside from the rest.

Front and back-end developers can be described as two sides of the same coin – they work together to give the user the best possible experience through high-quality design and codebase. While one developer focuses on what the users can see as soon as they access a website, the other handles more subtle things, which although can’t be seen, are just as important for the overall experience.

What role do visuals play in website programming?

First impressions matter, not only when people are concerned, but also for websites. A beautiful design will encourage users to spend more time browsing through the different things the website has to offer, from services, to blog articles and other information they might be interested in.

That’s why UI/UX designers are a core part of every team, including ours; while one refers to the user interface, the other is all about user experience, and although the two of them seem to be similar, they don’t hold the same meaning. Through UI design, the best-looking elements are placed in the center of attention, while through UX design, navigation will be smooth; it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about websites or applications.

One of the most powerful tools developers and content creators alike can use to achieve the vision they want is WordPress. Although anyone can use the platform to create the website they had in mind, not all of them will be pleased with the result they get. That’s why we offer custom WordPress design and development, so your page will have a truly unique appearance.

Other tools that are somehow similar, thanks to their connection to JavaScript, are AngularJS, Node.js and React.js and they’ve truly revolutionized the world of programming when they got introduced. When it comes to the best JS framework you can go for, that depends solely on the type of business you have.

We can also help with features like high-conversion rate landing page development and responsive development with cross-browser compatibility.

The unseen elements of website programming

Back-end developing, just like the name implies, handles server related issues that can’t be seen by the users. Those said issues might have a negative impact on their experience, which is why they need to be fixed as soon as they’re detected. Otherwise, you’ll soon notice that number of users visiting your website keeps getting smaller and smaller, and there’s nothing you can do about it if you don’t fix those said issues first.

We can offer custom module or plugin development to enhance the performance of the website and if you wish to use third party applications, we’ll handle the integration. WordPress is a useful tool, but the plugins are what truly sets it aside from the rest.

Security of Your Website

No matter the goal of a website, the most important thing about it will always be online security. We all know that in this day and age, data is an essential tool. A company that knows who its clients are will also know what they want and what’s the best strategy to deliver that product or service to them. Unfortunately, data can be used in malicious ways as well, so malware cleanup and website security are crucial parts of the job.

Does the work end once web development is done?

The short answer is NO! Truth it, the work only starts after the website got developed. After getting the website you’ve always wanted, you’ll have to make it marketable, and that means using SEO optimization. You’ll have to create content that your clients and the people you collaborate with will want to see, and you can either do that yourself, or seek the help of an agency.

In the end, when it comes to web development can be as simple or as complicated as you want to be. That’s why, if you’re not confident in what you’re doing, you need to contact an agency that does this type of thing on a daily basis. The result you’ll achieve through the collaboration of developers, designers and SEO specialists will be worth the trouble, believe us.

Making a new website for your business can be truly time-consuming. However, it will be much easier and faster once we take care of it ourselves.
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